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Sydney Car Investigations specialise in the investigation, analysis, and reporting of damaged motor vehicles. This detailed examination and assessment assists in determining a vehicle's condition after an accident or incident. We take a comprehensive approach that includes the thorough gathering and analysis of the vehicle to determine the most likely cause of the accident, structural failure, or mechanical failure.


We also specialise in the investigation of poor quality workmanship and mechanical repairs to a vehicle. These can range from mechanical breakdown to structural failures to electrical malfunction. Our vehicle investigation procedure is focused on providing the detailed information that you need and we provide you with a full report to support the case (see sample report).


Sydney Car Investigations are independent and impartial and are instructed by our clients to establish the cause of an accident or incident. Most of our work in the investigation centres on establishing the facts, where possible and providing informed, professional opinion where dispute remains. In conducting an investigation, no matter how small, we assume that legal action will ensue. Therefore, all stages of our work are conducted with the thoroughness required to form part of a report that can be deployed individually or in tandem with other parties or agencies.


If you think you might have the need for an investigator we are always happy to advise you over the telephone whether we can help you or not - we do not charge for such advice.


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