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Sydney Car Investigations was established to provide investigation expertise to anyone whose vehicle has been damaged in an accident or involved in a repair dispute. We provide a wide range of investigation and evidential support services that achieve results quickly, discreetly and in a cost-effective manner. Our investigations cover the majority of vehicles including passenger cars, prestige & luxury, sports, 4x4's, SUV's, and imported cars. We also investigate problems with vans, utes, light trucks, caravans, and motor homes.


Most of our instructions come from private clients, businesses, the legal profession, and other regulatory bodies (eg. Fair Trading, NCAT). We have always remained independent and impartial and offer a rapid response to your enquiry. We can also offer you:  


  • An early verbal report from site

  • Rapid written appraisals - usually within 5-7 days

  • Confidential damage reporting

  • Free telephone advice


Cases we investigate occur under many different circumstances and include:


  • Damage to material property

  • Consequential loss

  • Failure to meet specification

  • Poor quality workmanship

  • Sub standard mechanical repairs


Whatever the type of incident, Sydney Car Investigations will be able to assist you. We will be pleased to take instructions from you or simply discuss matters on the telephone and provide professional advice. Alternatively you might wish to email us the relevant papers or photos to review before issuing formal instructions.

"Our car investigation reports aren't expensive, they're priceless"

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