Our reports and investigations are all based on both a detailed examination and assessment of the accident or incident. We'll investigate your case thoroughly, examine all the evidence, and present these results in a clear and complete manner. We provide expert reports that not only provide you with an analysis of a given accident or incident, but give you a detailed look at all of the necessary steps that have been performed throughout investigation (see Sample Report)


We have the experience and tools necessary to provide high quality, state-of-the-art reports and evidence analysis about the root cause of the problem. Every report receives the same attention to detail and has been prepared in a manner suitable for presentation at a civil court or tribunal (eg. Fair Trading, NCAT). We tailor reports to suit your needs and provide you with the information to make an accurate and fair determination of fault or liability.


Our goal is explain what really happened and bring the truth to light.

"Our car investigation reports aren't expensive, they're priceless"